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  • Promoting and disseminating correct concepts in emerging medical and jurisprudence issues among college students
  • Strengthening the link between health workers, jurisprudence scholars, and researchers
  • Coordination and cooperation between the relevant authorities in the field of the association
  • Encourage scientific research and studies in the field of jurisprudence medical studies
  • Achieving scientific communication for the association's members
  • Exchange of scientific production and scientific experiences
  • Providing scientific advice in the field of the association
  • Encouraging those interested to obtain higher qualifications in jurisprudence medical


The association to Be a major scientific reference in studies, consulting and continuing education, and scientific research in the medical jurisprudence issues


Encourage conducting of scientific studies and research, spreading awareness of medical jurisprudence, coordinating efforts between the parties related to jurisprudence medical issues, providing consultations, and developing specialized human resources in jurisprudence medical issues.


Professionalism, initiative, quality, continuous development, teamwork

welcome message from chairman

Praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad and all his family and companions. As for what follows: The true value of humans arises from his ability to employ the enormous abilities that God created in him and create them in this universe, in which He employs his own abilities and the components of this universe to serve and benefit the human being. The highest degree of this employment is for a person to reach the knowledge of his Lord through His revelations that He has transmitted in the universe and souls, and through His recited verses that He revealed to His Messengers, and if the medicine is the highest degree of science that preserves the human body and helps protect it from diseases that corrupt his life, and treat him from diseases that weaken his strength; For jurisprudence is the highest science that preserves the human heart, protects it from deviation and drift, misguidance and temptation, and guides him to use his limbs in what benefits him. If the jurisprudence and medicine are combined, A person's heart and body integrity will be completed, and he was able to enjoy in this world and gain in the Hereafter. Hence, the need for an association concerned with medical jurisprudence existed; So that Sharia and medicine are mutually supportive in preserving human dignity, health, religious safety, and bringing him to the real status that God wanted him to reach. This blessed association was established in 1431, at the generous initiative of the College of Medicine at Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University, with direct supervision and follow-up of His Excellency Prof. Dr. Khalid bin Abdul Ghaffar Al Abdul Rahman, where he was the Chairman of the Board of Directors in the association in its first, second, and third terms, with a group of jurists and doctors. This is the fourth session of the Council, and we ask God to help us continue these efforts and do more to achieve the Association's goals. The association had its own page on the Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University website, and then the interest required that the association have its own website so that it would have the capabilities that would help it implement the goals set for itself. Chairman of Board of Directors Prof. Dr. AbdulSalam bin Ibrahim Al-Hussein Member of the teaching staff at the College of Sharia and Islamic Studies in Al-Ahsa - Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University Branch

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